8 Tips to Prevent Garage Break Ins

breaking the garage door

Amongst recent news stories about robberies which target the garage as an entrance point, we thought it would be beneficial to share some garage security tips. Anyone with a garage is susceptible to this type of break in. Protect yourself with the following easy changes:

  • Don’t leave your garage remote in your car
    Burglars know where the obvious places to find keys and remotes are. If you car isn’t in your garage, and your remote is in your car, it means there is an opportunity for a theif to gain access to your garage.
  • Fortify your door lock
    Reinforce your doorjamb, lock and hinges with metal. This will keep wood from splitting and doors easily being broken open.
  • Cover your windows
    Use a translucent film (found at most hardware stores, to keep people from being able to scoping out your goods to create incentive to break in.
  • Use motion detector lights
    Motion activated lights are a great deterrent for thieves looking to commit crimes without being seen.
  • Install window bars
    Make your own, or buy them. Either way, window bars a great form of protection from theft.
  • Disable the overheard door
    When on vacation either padlock your door to prevent if from being opened, or just unplug the door opener (if applicable).
  • Keep tools and valuables in steel/lockable boxes which can be purchased at your home improvement store and affixed to ground in your garage.
  • The simplest rule of all: keep the door closed

If you’re looking to replace your current garage door with a safer model (especially important in commercial situations), please take a look into our Smart Roll Up Door. The fire department rates rolling steel doors as the hardest doors to gain forced entry through. The reason for that is simple: 26 gauge corrugated galvanize structural grade steel. Our steel doors will withstand even forced entry attempts using a car or pick-up truck. Even a breached door will impede entry because of weight and the continued attachment of the door to its axle. In most cases the door actually can continue to function by the next day even though some damage may have occurred.

This is also the reason why more and more townhouses, strata corporations and apartment projects are installing our roll-up doors: it solves virtually 100% of their brake-in problems.

Get a free quote today! We at Smart Garage want nothing but the highest level of safety for you and your family.


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