Garage Door Security

Is Your Garage Door the Weakest and Largest Entry Point of Your Home?

The conference board of Canada estimates that the cost of burglaries borne by all of us (its victims) amounts to some $14.3 billion annually. In 2010 Canada had 578 burglaries per 100,000 people, which is five times that of the best-performing peer country: Japan.

Our solution is the Australian-known-and-loved steel roll-up door. We’ve made it our own as the locally made product we like to call the Smart Garage Roll-Up Door. Roll-Up garage doors are one of the safest doors on the market. Our guide rails are bolted directly into the frame of your opening and provide multiple points of contact. Standard conventional garage doors have their guide rails attached with a handful of brackets. All that’s needed to get into a door like this is to crack a crowbar and pop the brackets loose.

This is also the reason why more and more townhouses, strata corporations and apartment projects are installing our roll-up doors: it solves virtually 100% of their break-in problems.

We all install car alarms, house alarms and bars and locks on our doors and windows. Why would we leave the garage door as the weakest (and largest!) entry point of your personal residence unprotected? Wouldn’t you rather come home late one evening knowing that you will be protected as you enter your garage securely thanks to your structural grade steel roll-up door? A Smart Garage roll-up door is a crucial and indispensable addition to your burglary prevention strategies.

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