Insulated Roll Up Door

Roll-up Door can be insulated with an 98% thermal break insulation that can be applied even after the door has been installed. Our insulation is a thermal reflective material which adheres to the interior side of the garage door.

R Value
R-value of our door itself is minimal. Our solution is a Barrier Blanket that is a thermal reflective material that is very effective in maintaining set temperatures. Since the insulation is reflective, it only reflects back any heat that is already there, it doesn’t produce heat on its own. If you do not heat/cool your space then it is most-likely not needed, but if you do, insulation works very well we find.

It measures in at a third of a centimeter thick and looks like aluminum foil. It is very similar to the insulation that is used for the lining of airplanes. With an insulated door we offer Duraseal, an exterior weather stripping which goes on the left and right sides of the outside of the door to help create a seal. We also add foam plugs to every insulated door which sit inside of the edge of each corrugation to assist in preventing additional drafts from coming in through the sides of your door.

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