Here are some of our commonly asked questions.

What is the door made of?

The door is made of a galvanized structural grade steel curtain with a silicone modified polyester coating.

Is the door insulated?

Roll-up Door can be insulated with an 98% thermal break insulation that can be applied even after the door has been installed. Our insulation is a thermal reflective material which adheres to the interior side of the garage door. Since the insulation is reflective, it only reflects back any heat that is already there, it doesn’t produce heat on its own.

It measures in at a third of a centimeter thick and looks like aluminum foil. It is very similar to the insulation that is used for the lining of airplanes. With an insulated door we offer Duraseal, an exterior weather stripping which goes on the left and right sides of the outside of the door to help create a seal. We also add foam plugs to every insulated door which sit inside of the edge of each corrugation to assist in preventing additional drafts from coming in through the sides of your door.

Does the door have springs that need to be replaced?

The door has precision engineered springs inside the drum that have an extraordinary life span of over 25,000 cycles compared to traditional doors that have a life span of about 8,000 cycles.

How secure are the doors?

The fire and police departments rate rolling steel doors as the hardest doors to gain forced entry through.

Armed with the latest 433 MHz frequency and over 4.2 billion rolling codes makes it impossible to have your code stolen. PE sensors stop the door when obstructed by any size object. Learn more about garage door security

How Quiet are the doors?

The revolutionary GDO- 8 opener operates at 61 decibels at 1.5m and the average human conversations is usually 63 decibels at the same distance. Drawing about 1 amp of power when in normal operation, this is one smart unit.

Can I control the door with my mobile phone?

Yes, our motors are compatible with many home systems and kits. There is a contact wire/switch built-in to most motor models. Due to a number of factors and variables, we do not install/connect wi-fi compatibility. This would be a separate service. You can either install yourself if you are handy or you can contact a control technician to get this set up.

What colours are available?

Our doors come in 22 attractive colours. The galvanized steel is painted on both sides.
This chart shows the corresponding steel colours.

charcoal greyblack briarwood tanstone grey
Charcoal GreyBlack Briarwood TanStone Grey
pacific turquoise bright whitewhite white
PebblestonePacific Turquoise Bright WhiteWhite White
metro brownwhite white dark redwicker
Metro BrownWhite White Dark RedWicker
galvalume  white white
Galvalume  Dark BrownWhite White
coffee brownpolar white forest greenantique linen
Coffee BrownPolar White Forest GreenAntique Linen
regent greyBright Red Iron OreCharcoal Grey
Regent GreyBright Red Iron OreCharcoal Grey

What sizes are available?

We custom make each and every one of our doors to your closest quarter inch. The smallest opening we can build for is 4’W x 4’H and then we can go as large as 17’10”W x 16”H and all the increments in between. If you’re not sure just ask!

Can the electric opener be added after the fact?

Yes, if there is 6″ of space on either side of the door by the axle – a motor can be fitted.

Do you make one with windows?

Yes we do. Considering the unique roll design of our doors, we also have a unique window design. Click here to learn more

Which cities do you serve?

We are centrally located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada We serve Abbotsford, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, North Vancouver, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Squamish, Vancouver, West Vancouver, Whistler, and White Rock.

What should I do if my power is out and I need to open my garage door to get my car out?

Power failures happen and are inconvenient, but you can still operate your Roll-Up door, even without the power.

Step 1. Standing inside your garage, locate your motor. It will be mounted directly onto the roll’s axle and be either on the left or the right side of your garage door. You will notice a red chord hanging from the motor.

Step 2. Take hold of the chord with one hand and slowly, but firmly, pull downwards. You will feel and hear the motor shift as it disengages. You will now be able to freely lift the door up and down with your hands.

Step 3. Lift the door all the way up. It will stay there unassisted and allow for you to drive your car out.

Step 4. Manually pull the door back down to the closed position. Due to the tensioning of the door it may rest 1-2 inches from the ground. Hold the door down all the way (either with one hand or by carefully stepping on the bottom rail) and pull the red release chord until you hear/feel the motor engage.

Step 5. Test to ensure the door is once again locked in the downward position.

What is the order and installation process?

Our process is very efficient.

  1. If you request a quote online, our inside sales staff will usually respond to you the next business day to set up a site inspection. The staff will book you a site inspection during the call.
  2. Our outside sales person will come to your home and inspect the door opening you want fitted with our Smart Garage Door.
  3. The actual sales quote comes within two business days after the site inspection.
  4. The door can be manufactured in as short as one week.
  5. Installation soon follows depending on the completion of prep work required by the home owner.

What does a homeowner need to prepare for installation?

On the site inspection day, the homeowner will be informed of what preparations need to be done prior to installation.
These can be but not limited to:

  • 5 feet clear space around the door opening (inside and out)
  • Wood framing
  • Concrete notching
  • Make sure surface is level

How long does installation take?

On average from “quote to installation”, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks. To install one door takes 2 hours to install, if all the prep is done and the installation team does not meet with complications. The door is manufactured in our Surrey BC factory, therefore we have a quick turnaround time.

What is the payment process?

A 50% deposit is required when ordering. The balance is due when installation is complete.

If there is an old door, do you take it with you when a new door is installed?

Yes, we take the old door for a fee.