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RollUpDoor is pleased to provide Pentagon Security Shutters – A Leading Manufacturer of Security Shutters and Retractable Screens.

⚠️ There is a $1000 government grant for securing your business with security shutters! – Details

Unmatched Protection and Peace of Mind

Are you a local business owner facing the constant threat of vandalism and break-ins? Rolling security shutters provide an unparalleled defence, ensuring your storefront is protected against harmful threats. Not only do they shield you from vandalism and burglary, but they also keep out nuisances like insects, wind, and rain, creating a tranquil atmosphere inside your business. Our shutters are exceptionally sturdy, designed to withstand severe attacks and abuse, guaranteeing long-lasting security and peace of mind.


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Rolling Security Shutters

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Rolling Security Shutters

  • Minimal size, high-tech roll formed aluminum housing
  • Durable frame resists forced entry and daily wear
  • Commercial grade aluminum – Environmentally friendly materials
  • Multiple curtain strengths, designs, and colors available to exceed the requirements of any application
  • High security that will enhance the aesthetics and function of your home, cottage, or other spaces
  • Shutters provide additional energy savings during the winter and summer
  • Spring assist manual or powered operation options available
  • Control effortlessly by switch, remote, WI-FI or app
  • Smooth operation with low maintenance design
  • Curtain rolls into a compact coil allowing a minimal size and sleek box design
  • Multiple features ensure secure protection from vandalism and force

Secure Storage Shutters

  • A variety of curtain styles and colors for that perfect look
  • Gorgeous selection of low maintenance materials
  • Commercial grade aluminum – Environmentally friendly material with positive effects during production and long term operation
  • High strength and durability means that your storage is secure and protected at all times
  • Minimal size, high-tech extruded aluminum housing
  • Simple operation, controlled by switch, remote wifi or app
  • Safe, long-lasting performance with the latest in motorized technologies
  • 2 part guide rails for a clean install and enduring servicability
  • Maximum energy conservation while creating blissful spaces

Cost Savings and Energy Efficiency

Vandalism and break-ins can lead to significant financial losses. Our security shutters are an investment that helps you save on these unnecessary expenses by preventing such incidents from occurring. Additionally, these shutters can contribute to energy savings for your business. They act as an effective barrier against heat and cold, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs, and ultimately lowering your energy bills.

Stunning Designs to Complement Your Business

Enhance the visual appeal of your storefront while benefiting from optimal security with our rolling shutters. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, our shutters can be tailored to match your business’s aesthetic. Whether you want a subtle look or a bold statement, our extensive selection of frame colors and screen textiles ensures that your security solution will not only protect but also beautify your space.

Benefit from BC’s $1000 Grant

Take advantage of the grant available in BC, offering up to $1000 for preventative measures like installing a rolling security shutter. This grant helps offset the initial cost, making it even more affordable to protect your business. By installing these shutters, you not only secure your property but also benefit from financial assistance, making it a smart and cost-effective decision.

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