Get Your Garage Winter Ready

Rustic garage and shed

The leaves are changing. Halloween is days away. Do you know what that means? Winter is also creeping up on us.

Every year we like to share some tips and tricks to get your Garage ready for the cold season. Most homeowners realize how important it is to winterize their homes, but please don’t forget about your garage.

What can you do to get your garage ready for the season ahead? Here are some simple steps to help you out.

Tidy Up!

Summer activities can lead to your garage becoming a cluttered dumping space. With cold weather on the way, now is the time to make space for vehicles and all your winter weather supplies like: shovels, salt, snow blowers etc.

So where can you start when your garage is in need of a good clean? Sort through all of the items stored in your garage. Assess which items are actually needed. Donate items in good condition that are duplicates or that your family no longer uses.

Here are some questions to help you decide what to keep:

  • Do you need this item?
  • Could someone else use it?
  • Broken items: how likely are you to get it fixed?
  • Does this item fit with my current lifestyle?
  • Which is more important: holding onto this item or parking inside the garage.

Sweep floors, dust for cobwebs, clean the garage door and give the floor a good scrub.

Organize What You Keep

Now that you can see how much space you’re working with, it’s time to organize your items. Ask yourself:

  • What items need to go into the garage?
  • Which items should be grouped together?
  • Where commonly used Winter items need the easiest access?

Organize in a way that allows you to safely store all items while also accommodating any vehicles you’d like to park in the garage.

  • Install a wall organizer system, or have one installed by a garage interior design expert.
  • Storing items vertically to free up floor space for larger items and vehicle parking.
  • If your garage has wasted overhead space add valuable storage space by getting overhead storage platforms installed.

Winterize Your Garage

  • Check garage door weather stripping
  • Check all moving parts of the garage door
  • Replace the batteries in your garage door opener
  • Drain water from hoses, purge sprinkler system and shut off water supply to exterior spigot
  • Lubricate garage door rollers & hinges
  • Ensure that the safety reverse sensor is functional

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