Reset Limits on gdo8v2
Do you need to reset limits on your GDO8v2 or v3? Follow these steps.

The control panel is on the bottom of the motor.
1. Erase limits

  • Depress SET and unplug motor at the same time
  • Continue holding SET and plug the motor in again
  • Hold SET until the repeating twitter has stopped

2. Pull red cord – dis-engage motor
3. Pull curtain down to half open
4. Pull red cord – re-engage motor
5. On the Motor find the Red (-) and Green light (+)
** If the motor is mounted on the left side of the door – press OPERATE button once to change direction 6. The Red light MINUS (-) button should be flashing
7. Press MINUS until the door is closed tight, but not hard
8. Press SET once
9. The GREEN light PLUS (+) button should be flashing
10. Press PLUS until the door is just short of the STOPPER
11. Press SET once again
Now the door will automatically complete a full revolution (down then up)

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